Success: How to Achieve it, and know you are on the right track

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

I recently spent time with the CEO of a well-known REIT for whom I represent a few assets in their portfolio. The title, “CEO” might have led you down the road of thinking “wow he must be a success”.  As we walked along one of the centers, he stopped to bend down and pick up some trash. Note to self, “this guy is a success”. I later joked with him and told him that I had almost picked it up, but wanted to see what kind of man he was, he chuckled in response. Our actions, attitudes and daily choices define true success and our core values.

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Finding Focus at Work: Helpful Hints to Evade the Noise


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The culture of our day can be incredibly noisy. At times the thought pollution in my mind becomes so much that it is hard to stay focused and have clarity. As I was considering what I did even today, it occurred to me that so many things clamor for my attention and it can constrain my ability to focus and act at times. I am an entrepreneur in the Commercial Real Estate market and there are so many ways to make a buck that sometimes it is easy to chase ALL the golden eggs and wind up (a) “broker” than broke! So how do you gain focus and clarity to be successful in life?

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Client Contact Management: Why, How, and What


In my tenure in commercial real estate, our firm has tried many data management systems for all the right reasons. Throughout this time we have: upgraded existing ones, bought new ones, imported data from other sources, and shopped for the ideal one countless times. This journey seems to be never ending and frustrating as we look for the panacea of client management systems. Each move we have made has been the next best step towards the summit of the peak where we can stick our flag into the ground and claim, “we have made it”. I am certain this is many in the CRE markets quest and I want to share a few practical tips of success that I have learned over the years. Hopefully, these ideas will begin to unlock the magic of a good database and its usefulness in building your brokerage.

1) First of all, there is no panacea! Client management is simply…discipline, discipline, discipline. This effort cannot be polished off or improved by latest and greatest state of the art system. You must dig deep and make it a part of your day, your routine, and your resolve.

2) Second, you must be comfortable with the system you are using. I will refer to this as competence. This is an area that makes the best of intentions with databases falter due to lack of confidence in working your way around the system. If you are uncomfortable, it is imperative that you either get training or request your firm provide it for you.  Having confidence and an understanding will empower you to begin to make headway in your database.

3) Third, be consistent with the information. “garbage in garbage out”. Each system has a few nuances that help you to code or keyword clients in groups. This one area alone is the gold of the system. Would it make a difference in your marketing if you knew all the tenants in your market and could create a list of them with a few clicks to prospect in some way? Once you learn to harvest this list there are a number of modalities that you can utilize to “touch” prospects and clients.

4) Fourth, mobility is a huge asset with a database. With the database I currently use, the interface and syncing function across all of my devices is awesome! I save a lot of time with the ability to look up the contact info of clients in the database when mobile and away from the computer. I know that if I do the work of adding clients, vendors, prospects, etc… into my database, I can access them anywhere I am!

Last, the whole point of databasing is to be able to make money$$$. The skills and tools required are innate to many other areas of our lives we just need to transfer them to managing a huge asset of our business, CONTACT$.  What system do you use? Please share any ideas that you have found helpful.

Ready, Shoot, Aim? Goal setting: Why and How

photo credit: Daadi via photopin cc

photo credit: Daadi via photopin cc

We admire the success of others immensely. “How do they do that? What is so different about them? They are just lucky.” It matters not who it is: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford… stand outs are the envy of all.

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Focus…Concentrate…Keep your eye on the ball!

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If you are a baseball player you have heard these words ad nauseam.

To play on the excitement of the 2013 Baseball World Series I decided to write a post that relates to the words every baseball player has heard and over and over. When up to bat, a player must direct all of their focus to the present moment in order to hit the ball, get on base, and hopefully score. The team who is winning is producing from the batters box, getting hits and scoring runs. This allows movement toward the ultimate goal of winning the game!

How does this apply to your daily work life and mine? There is one thing most evident in my 25 years of sales: those who are focused are always the ones at the top of the pack, typically producing 80% of an organization’s sales. So the question is… how do I stay focused? Try a few of these tips to make a difference.

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Set Yourself Apart in #CRE

set business apart

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 No matter what market you do business in; you will compete against other businesses.  We live in a hyper turbulent market in which there is constant competition. Someone is always gunning for someone else’s market share and trying to dominate a category. (Retail, sales of any kind, and any other product in the free economy) So how do individuals or brands delineate themselves from the pack? What defines you from your competition? Continue reading