The Case for Social Media in CRE

The Case for Social Media in CRE

“Where did you find us?” – “You’re all over the internet.” A conversation that many professionals in the commercial real estate industry never thought they might have. As our society and industry are dynamically changing, the case for social media only grows in strength. Here’s a quick rundown of why staying active on the Internet is not just important, but now imperative to continue to grow your business.

1. Elevate your platform.

-While the merit of physical networks will never dissipate, social media provides an ability to connect to thousands of individuals in an instant. This shotgun approach to marketing provides an incredible way to share information and market yourself.

2. Build your online presence

-SEO Value

-Connect with Industry Leaders

-Build market trust with potential clients and existing Relationships

3. As our society begins to change, so does the industry.

-The millennial generation is an extremely informed and thus skeptical group. Providing      a continued stream of information that is relevant to your business and community              establishes you as a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional. In most cases, prior to        even meeting a client, they are looking you up online. This includes, website, blog,              social media, and the more you share… the more they believe in your ability as a                professional.

4. Keeps you informed and constantly learning.

– More than the external business relationships, staying active in the stream of                     information keeps you updated, and involved in the flow of the market and industry. We     know that it is imperative to keep learning, social media is a conduit to constantly be           learning and improving your business simultaneously.


Now is the time to begin the process of sharing all of your expertise online, and while the dividends are not yet directly connected to one specific post… things are definitively moving in that direction. Get out there, get social.

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