Face to Face… the most important dynamic in relationships

Face to face, eyeball to eyeball and belly button to belly button… Trust and progress are best built in the actual physical experience of knowing, seeing and communicating in the presence of another human being. All of science will confirm that so much of what is communicated to another is based on body language, up to 80% in some studies, the other communication is done with tone, volume and diction, up to 38%, and yet the words we use only account for approximately 10% of what is communicated. None of these are accomplished with substitutes.

Technology can easily become a trap! They can deceive us all into thinking that we are making headway in our relationships only to find out we have let opportunity pass us by and we scratch our heads bewildered that key relationships in our lives are not moving forward or coming to some type of conclusion or productive result. Technology is not at fault it should be viewed as a tool in our arsenal of building relationships and most importantly trust.

The tools of the internet are excellent for building market presence, brand awareness, marketing, expanding reach, creating an audience and much much more. However, they are additive to all that truly builds a relationship. The mosaic generation is probably the most heavily influenced by Social Media and the tools that prevail in our modern era. Therefore, they have a place and must be undertaken in order to stay mainstream and cutting edge in the market. These tools are a spoke in the wheel of success to building relationships and should be deployed with with diligence.

This is not to take an old school position but to honestly examine the facts that the face to face is still the rudimentary relationship driver that will shift the paradigm of an unproductive relationship into a winning dynamic. The best way to describe this algorithm is to examine a step approach in the modern world.

TECHNOLOGY -Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Website, blogging and your other favorites are icing the cake or the base mix of the relationship algorithm. These tools are either the supporting cast of your team or they are the primer to the pump. They compliment the efforts of you and you alone.

PHONE – This tool is still a means to an end and serves secondary to a face to face. Believe it or not, based on science this will trump an email any day to moving a relationship forward. I am not underestimating the value of an email or a text, these are loves of mine that are efficient and time saving. Tim Ferris might argue this point but I still hold true to the premise that voice interaction that allows for words, tone and diction are more powerful!

FACE TO FACE – This is where it all goes down. All of our senses are on high alert in a face to face. Some of these senses are intuitive and not measurable by our followers and stats. If science holds true to the power of communication being non-verbal which is expressed no other way than in person we could all resolve ourselves to our smart gadget and say the heck with the idea of true relationship. Who you know is more important than what you know. i propose that who you know is best known, face to face, eyeball to eyeball and belly button to belly button.

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