My First Blog…

I have considered blogging for quite sometime now and the idea of setting up a “WordPress” page and activating, publishing and customizing frankly overwhelmed me. I am a faker when it comes to computer savviness. Most people would say I know my way around but I am a novice in the making. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to this point which robs me of any creativity, I might possess. Hoping the sweat will be worth the results!

The Spark                                                                                              


a couple of books encouraged me to break-thru, buckle down, put on my boots, saddle up and get busy. The first is written by Rod Santomssimo, “Brokers Who Dominate” and the second “Platform”, by Michael Hyatt. These two books in concert provided, the motivation I needed and the training wheels to get started. I am excited to actually be writing my first blog with no care in the world as to its content and creativity. Something I promise will not be a habit just a momentary indulgence to be able to actually hit the publish button.

The Support

Amazingly there are many tools in our sphere that that can provide the support we need to accomplish many things on our to do list that cause us angst. For instance with beginning to blog a few of these tools that assisted me. A local worship pastor who knows his way around the computer met with me and walked me through a couple of how to items, a number of people on the web that are going for it and getting it done, guys like Bo Barron and others like Seth Godin and Tim Ferris who are pros. As well as just a simple google search. a youtube video, and reading others work.

The Future 

My ambition is this… I want all the subscribers to my blog to find common sense answers and information to Life (something we are all participating in), Commercial Real Estate (my chosen profession), Sales (something I have spent the last 23 years in), and Faith (the lenses from which I view all of our existence). I do plan on much of the information I provide and write about to be focused on my profession, as I endeavor to build credibility, trust and market presence in the business community.

Let me hear from you on topics that you would like discussed or information regarding.

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