Face to Face… the most important dynamic in relationships

Face to face, eyeball to eyeball and belly button to belly button… Trust and progress are best built in the actual physical experience of knowing, seeing and communicating in the presence of another human being. All of science will confirm that so much of what is communicated to another is based on body language, up to 80% in some studies, the other communication is done with tone, volume and diction, up to 38%, and yet the words we use only account for approximately 10% of what is communicated. None of these are accomplished with substitutes.

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My First Blog…

I have considered blogging for quite sometime now and the idea of setting up a “WordPress” page and activating, publishing and customizing frankly overwhelmed me. I am a faker when it comes to computer savviness. Most people would say I know my way around but I am a novice in the making. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to this point which robs me of any creativity, I might possess. Hoping the sweat will be worth the results!

The Spark                                                                                              


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