Success: How to Achieve it, and know you are on the right track

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

I recently spent time with the CEO of a well-known REIT for whom I represent a few assets in their portfolio. The title, “CEO” might have led you down the road of thinking “wow he must be a success”.  As we walked along one of the centers, he stopped to bend down and pick up some trash. Note to self, “this guy is a success”. I later joked with him and told him that I had almost picked it up, but wanted to see what kind of man he was, he chuckled in response. Our actions, attitudes and daily choices define true success and our core values.

Often times we can be enamored by perceived worldly success; material possessions, popularity, infamy, title, and freedom. We celebrate corruptible things, yet in no way do they provide a barometer or benchmark of extraordinary success. A counter example to the CEO; there is currently a noteworthy controversy with one of the best baseball players in the modern era (Alex Rodriquez). In order to reach perceived success, he sacrificed true success with dishonesty and deceit. He continues to fight for his innocence to save his reputation and not tarnish his legacy in baseball.

In order to achieve true success we must align the priorities of our lives and not be deceived by the cultural definition of success. Success is more about who we are than what we accomplish.

This is the first in a success series that I will blog about over the next few weeks. Here are a few things to think about as I begin.

-What are my priorities?

-Am I looking for the next scheme to change me and make me a better person?

-How contented am I with my present circumstances?

-What compromises am I making to achieve success?

-What is consuming my attention?

The series will focus on habits and discipline of success and is designed to align priorities as we tackle some of the habits of success.

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