Success: How to Achieve it, and know you are on the right track

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc

I recently spent time with the CEO of a well-known REIT for whom I represent a few assets in their portfolio. The title, “CEO” might have led you down the road of thinking “wow he must be a success”.  As we walked along one of the centers, he stopped to bend down and pick up some trash. Note to self, “this guy is a success”. I later joked with him and told him that I had almost picked it up, but wanted to see what kind of man he was, he chuckled in response. Our actions, attitudes and daily choices define true success and our core values.

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Finding Focus at Work: Helpful Hints to Evade the Noise


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The culture of our day can be incredibly noisy. At times the thought pollution in my mind becomes so much that it is hard to stay focused and have clarity. As I was considering what I did even today, it occurred to me that so many things clamor for my attention and it can constrain my ability to focus and act at times. I am an entrepreneur in the Commercial Real Estate market and there are so many ways to make a buck that sometimes it is easy to chase ALL the golden eggs and wind up (a) “broker” than broke! So how do you gain focus and clarity to be successful in life?

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Set Yourself Apart in #CRE

set business apart

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 No matter what market you do business in; you will compete against other businesses.  We live in a hyper turbulent market in which there is constant competition. Someone is always gunning for someone else’s market share and trying to dominate a category. (Retail, sales of any kind, and any other product in the free economy) So how do individuals or brands delineate themselves from the pack? What defines you from your competition? Continue reading

5 Ways to Build Your Brand in #CRE

man-162603_640Starting out in Real Estate is not for the weak at heart. This is one tough business, and the highs and lows of income can be fickle, frustrating, and stressful. Those who persevere in this business often fall in love with it and are the ones who can successfully build a brand. Building a strong brand in commercial real estate takes strong market presence, a great reputation, strong market knowledge, specialization and consistent prospecting. Let’s discuss these brand-building tips for both the newcomer and reminders for the seasoned pro’s:
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Attending a Trade Show like ICSC RECon13 – Are there Benefits?

Many of you reading this might be wondering what ICSC REcon 2013 is; the largest global retail convention in the world. The conference boasts well over 30,000 attendees annually. The attendees are comprised of developers, tenants, brokers, students, owners, investors and all other real estate service professionals. The trade show floors are amazing and the exhibitors usually spare no expense. Whether it is Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s preparing and serving a sandwich or Bass Pro with one of their sponsored NASCAR vehicles on display, it is simply a sight to see. More importantly though, if you are a professional in sales, what are the merits of attending trade shows? Can you expect dividends from your investment of time and money?

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