Set Yourself Apart in #CRE

set business apart

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 No matter what market you do business in; you will compete against other businesses.  We live in a hyper turbulent market in which there is constant competition. Someone is always gunning for someone else’s market share and trying to dominate a category. (Retail, sales of any kind, and any other product in the free economy) So how do individuals or brands delineate themselves from the pack? What defines you from your competition?

 The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.” – Henry Ford

Rather than focusing on how to fight through the competition, you must focus a constant effort on defining and improving your business.

Follow Through

Our clients often define us by our actions and follow-through. Market trust is built by our actions or inactions. If I say that I am capable of delivering certain results, it is up to me to deliver on those promises. Broken promises destroy trust and prevent longevity in the market. Following through with promises will be consequential in defining yourself and building a network and following.

Customer Centric Relationships

In the book of I John (Bible) the writer states that the world will know they are Christians by their love. LOVE is a defining difference and most people who have built a legacy have done so by their winning CHARACTER and not their accomplishments. Displaying sincere care and concern for your clients will distinguish you as an outstanding broker/salesperson. People don’t care what you know; they want to know you care!

Focus on Results NOT Compensation

Worthwhile products and individuals do not need to prove their worth. They are priceless if they consistently deliver and increase value. Nothing more taints a prospect and a client’s perspective than focusing on money. Much like a dog that senses someone is afraid, people can recognize someone’s focus is on money and do not like doing business over time with people or products that are focused solely on MONEY.

I recommend you do whatever you can to put yourself in a position of not needing to earn the next dollar immediately, and focus on your client’s needs. Putting the needs of your clients first WILL differentiate you from all others.

What do you do to set your business apart? 

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